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Thinking of Trying Aerial Circus Classes?

If you ever thought about taking aerial classes but may have been on the fence, check out this article on BuzzFeed:

Until pretty recently, to learn any circus skills you had to be born into a circus family, go to a professional circus school, or literally run away with a bunch of traveling acrobats. But today, recreational classes (for normals like you and me) are becoming available in more and more cities around the world.

I got started when a friend invited me to join her for an “aerial class.” I didn’t know what “aerial” was, but I quickly discovered it’s a ton of fun and a great workout, especially if you’re not a gym person (hi).

Just so we get this out of the way: It may sound incredibly obvious, but aerial is ~not~ the kind of workout you can DIY — even if you have previous experience with gymnastics or dance, or were really good at climbing the monkey bars when you were little. I’ll get more into that and how to find a good instructor in a sec.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you need to know to get started safely and find the right aerial class for you. Read entire story here.

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