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Why Aerial Arts or Stunts for my child?

Improved self-esteem, confidence, accepting differences , respect for one another, and the ability to work together as a team are some of the results attributed to the playful yet highly focused training in aerial arts and acrobatic tumbling training at Le Studio.

Parents have often turned to circus arts to assist their children with the management of a broad spectrum of medical conditions as well ,including: scoliosis, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, OCD, executive function problems, nervous conditions, learning difficulties, shyness, introversion, borderline intellectual disabilities, and depression.

They explain that the circus environment enables children who are social outsiders (as a result of social, intellectual or medical disorders) to feel they belong to a community. They observe that their children’s new sense of belonging and leadership leads in turn to improved self-esteem from which other, positive social and wellbeing changes flow.

Circus is for every child, every body shape, strong, flexible or funny - there is a lead role in circus for each child's strength while weaknesses are discreetly paid attention to as well.

We offer recreational , intermediate and pro level circus training for youths ages 3-18 and offer unmatched opportunities by any other circus program in the world with a team of the highest calibre in North America.

Our new Jr stunt program (ages 7-17) is one of the only junior stunt programs in the world, teaching youths about the magic of stunts and how to use your body in acrobatics, falls, fight scenes, weapons etc. in the filmmaking world.

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