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Check out Le PeTiT CiRqUe on Little Big Shots!

Also check us out on Hallmark Channel's Home & Family 


Pick up my jaw from the floor? I can’t even find it after watching Le PeTiT CiRqUe® 

Steve Harvey

I have had the pleasure of working with Le Petit Cirque on several different occasions and their creative environment really stands out. It is a protected and kind atmosphere that allows the young artists and creative process to fully blossom—I have even heard it repeated as a mantra and guiding principle that "kindness is the law." Nathalie has nurtured a safe place to explore and stretch the boundaries of each artist, consciously evolving them as people as well as performers. In this empowered environment, they are exposed to many innovative and talented professional artists and coaches with world-class experience and expertise. Le Petit Cirque brings this beautiful spirit

and energy through every artist to every performance.

it is a true joy to watch when Le Petit Cirque takes the stage. 

–Debra Lynne Brown: 32 yrs resident choreographer Cirque Du Soleil


The school is a very safe, structured and professional environment for the talent circus kids to really shine and grow into future artists for the circus world.

-Stuart McKenzie; No. 1 World ranking Sports Acrobatics Mens Four, Cirque Du Soleil Artist; Kooza, Kurios, Mystere.


“What a magical place! Le Studio is where kids can spread their wings with
the support of amazing coaches and a community that is always about
working together.”    
-Mychelle Deschamps parent/TVproducer

Welcome to Le Studio and Le Petit Cirque

America's ONLY All-Kid Cirque Company 

While doing casting for Cirque du Soleil, I visited many circus schools around the world and I saw so many children engaged in learning circus arts, . What a reward to see the smile on the face of a child who has mastered a new trick. 

Long live Le PeTiT CiRqUe! 

-Gilles Ste Croix: Co-founder Cirque du Soleil & Circo de Los Ninos

A state of the art inspirational facility for GIFTED YOUTHS with PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT for young cirque artists and now, a newly added Stunt training division. 


Located in Los Angeles CA, Le Studio, has been home to many of Cirque Du Soleil’s top stars and professional aerialists as well as a home for rehearsal/training for Cher, Pink, Neil Patrick Harris and numerous rock concert tours involving aerial arts.

We proudly train many youths ages 3-18 in all levels and develop numerous professional artists into future careers. Our youths can attend for recreational purposes, intermediate training, or for our internationally recognized professional company, “Le PeTiT CiRqUe®”. We have successfully booked many of our youths in professional contracts internationally and nationally.


Renown for its unique, warm, supportive, creative, safe and non-competitive environment where anything is possible, Le Studio boasts a 2-story 10,000 sq foot facility, a large dance studio, 26 foot ceilings, a 175 seat theatre, a large conference room and a welcoming lobby. 


We offer private training sessions, small group sessions, recreational programs or intermediate/advanced team training with our Junior, B team and A teams “Equipe” levels. 

We Provide Professional & Unique Opportunities


You know... My kid is only 15. She's performed in Colorado, Dubai and all across the US. Been on network tv and seen the Dalai Lama. Most importantly she has learned the importance of discipline teamwork and focus. What amazing and wonderful things. I gotta say I'm so happy that she found Le PeTiT CiRqUe. It's been a real gift for her. Much love and gratitude. 
-Heather Joseph-Witham

College Scholarships: Le PeTiT CiRqUe® is very proud to announce that it is now up to *FIVE full college scholarships to major universities (Berkeley, Univ. of Chicago, Humboldt, Univ. of Philadelphia and Montreal) for its graduating students in the program. When applying to colleges, our older youths' college applications have been about Le PeTiT CiRqUe®'s humanitarian work and their performing experience. The result has been FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to colleges and universities.

Le Studio provides: Independent P.E: P.E for schools and home school students, school community service hours, assistance in full college scholarships, international travel and circus exchanges, participation in circus festivals/international competitions, film/TV opportunities, professional performing opportunities and most importantly: we provide a safe, healthy environment rich in values, love, support and life lessons for young artists ages 20 and under.

We Keep Your Kids Safe!

Le Studio is one of the only circus training facilities in the state of California that is FULLY INSURED with full insurance liability coverage and proper safe rigging with monthly rigging inspections. 


Le Studio is also the only circus training facility that actually CERTIFIES their coaches  in our detailed CURRICULUM, SPORTS FIRST AID and CPR training. All of our coaches are actual trainers, (not merely “performers”), thus keeping your child safe with safe spotting techniques and keeping your child’s spine, neck and body SAFE at all times.

Rated by American Youth Circus Organization / American Circus Educators as part of the National safety program bringing you one of the safest training facilities in the US. We are highly recognized for: Facilities and operations, Policies and Practices, Staff and Curriculum, Teacher training program. 

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